Air Conditioning


What is Air Conditioning

Your car's air conditioning was designed for use not only in the summer to keep you and your passengers cool, but for the rest of the year too to remove moisture from the interior and keep the windows mist free. 

Why you should have your Air Conditioning serviced

The gas used in your air conditioning system naturally leaks out over a period of time, especially if unused, and a service or regas will ensure the system operates at its maximum efficiency. 

The pollen filter, or microfilter, keeps pollen and nasty smells away from the interior of your car and when this becomes blocked with dirt it needs to be replaced.

Air Con Recharge

If you're not getting cool enough in the summer months or your windows are taking forever to demist in the winter, you're likely to be needing an air conditioning recharge, or regas. 

We'll check how much gas is in your car's system and clean and top up where needed.

Air Con Refresh

If you're noticing strange smells coming from your car, we can carry out an air con refresh to eliminate any unpleasant odours and disinfect the air con evaporator and vents. 

Special Offer- Regas only £39 with every service

Is your car already in for a service or other work? Why not get your air conditioning recharged for only £39* or only £49* with an additional air con refresh

*Vehicles with R134a gas only