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Independent BMW Specialist Servicing in Colchester


BMW Servicing

Eastgate Automotive can service and maintain your BMW using genuine or OEM parts, to BMW specification, without invalidating your warranty and with all work guaranteed.

We use current repair information directly from BMW too and can reset and store your service history on BMW servers. For Servicing in Colchester or Diagnostics in Colchester you know where to come.

BMW Air Conditioning

Air conditioning not working? Windows misting up in the winter? Not cold enough in the summer? Making strange noises? Smells coming from the heater? 

In that case you need our expertise. You may just need an air conditioning recharge but whatever the problem, you're safe in the knowledge that we're fully qualified to work on your car's air con system. 

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BMW Diagnostics

With BMW dealer level diagnostic equipment coupled with many years experience, we can often save you money on repairs. We can also carry out programming and coding of control units too and we love a good electrical challenge. Whether its an engine warning light, an ABS fault or a major electrical fault affecting various other systems, we can help

BMW Brakes

Brake warning light on? Brakes squeaking or grinding? Steering wheel shaking/brake judder when braking? Brake fluid service due / service message on?

We can rectify all these concerns and more. 

For brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, brake calipers, handbrake, parking brake repairs and more.

Free brake checks available, just call to book an appointment. 

BMW Engine Repairs

Check Engine Light or engine warning light on? Got an oil leak? Engine misfire?  

Leaking antifreeze? Timing chain rattle? Turbo noisy or smoking? 

Whatever your engine problem you can rely on us to correctly diagnose and repair it, using genuine BMW workshop manuals and repair information. 

BMW Trained Technicians

We've had over 30 years working on BMW models as far back as 1994 and we've worked on many older cars as well as current models. Factory trained to BMW Senior Technician status and having completed the BMW Master Technician assessment twice over the years, you're safe in the knowledge that we know how to fix a problem

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BMW Remaps

We are pleased to be an authorised dealer for one of the best known names in remapping and super chips. We can improve not only your fuel consumption but also your driving experience with enhancements to BHP and torque

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BMW Tyres

Extremely competitive prices and while you wait fitting service available.

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BMW 4 Wheel Alignment

Is your steering pulling? Have you hit a pothole or kerb? Are your tyres wearing unevenly? 

We can fix all these problems and improve your car's fuel economy, all with a computerised 4 wheel laser alignment

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BMW Suspension

Potholes causiing suspension knocks and bangs? Broken coil spring?


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